The Top 6 Web3 Wallets for 2022

Web3 wallet also known as the crypto wallet is a new and revolutionary way to accept payments online. It is an essential digital wallet that helps you to store your digital assets. In this post, we are going to show you the top 6 Web3 wallets that help you to accumulate your digital currency.

Top 6 Web3 Wallets for 2022

No. 1 MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the most well-liked bitcoin wallets.

Using this wallet, you may quickly connect to Web3 or the decentralized web.

In MetaMask, a wallet and a browser are integrated. With this one, you can buy, spend, spend, and swap your digital assets.

You can also use the app to exchange things, play games, make quick payments, and perform other tasks.

The best benefit is that it provides you with a rapid and secure way to communicate with decentralized or blockchain-based applications (dApps).

Additionally, it has a switch feature that makes sure you are getting the best deal with the lowest network costs.

MetaMask gathers data from market makers, DEXs, and decentralized exchange aggregators in order to achieve this.

No. 2 Fortmatic Magic

Formatic is a user-friendly alternative to web3 wallet development like Metamask.

With no need for a browser plugin, users can login to Ethereum-based applications using their phone number or email address.

2018 saw the founding of Fortmatic by Sean Li.

Fortmatic announced in May 2020 that it had raised $4M in a seed round of funding with participation from Placeholder VC and Naval, along with changing its name to Magic.

The SOC 2 Type 1 compliant non-custodial HSM design of Fortmatic is said to be exceptionally secure.

Users get access to features like device 2FA, OTP codes, recovery emails, and more because it supports numerous modes of authentication.

No. 3 Wallet of Trust

Trust Wallet is the name of Binance’s official cryptocurrency wallet, and it offers a few special features.

With this wallet, you may send, receive, and store bitcoin while connecting to a number of dApps.

Additionally, it allows you to play blockchain games, have access to the DeFi platforms, and earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings.

This is yet another multi-crypto wallet that is quite user-friendly. It also incorporates the commerce of Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Other than that, it supports BEP2, BEP20, and Binance Smart Chain and enables you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using EUR or USD.

The primary benefit of the wallet is that it is totally free to use and has no transaction fees. But you’ll have to cover network expenses.

No. 4 Argent

Argent is the following.

It is one of the well-liked web 3.0 wallets for DeFi and NFTs. With this wallet, you may buy, trade, earn, and stake on Ethereum layer 2 for cheap.

The wallet enables you to earn 5% by staking ETH.

Additionally, you can gain up to 15% from USDC and DAI. Using a wallet makes buying cryptocurrency straightforward. because it makes it possible to pay for digital goods with a card or a bank transfer.

The unique quality of the wallet is that its costs are up to 100 times cheaper than those of Ethereum. It utilizes zkSync’s layer 2 networks to its advantage. Additionally, currency exchange might cost as low as $1.

The wallet can be used on mobile devices running iOS and Android. Desktops are not supported, though.

No. 5 Authereum

Authereum is a superior alternative.

With this one, you may log into the dApps of your choice, and utilizing it is really easy.

There is no need to download anything or deal with seed phrases. You add recovery accounts to restore your account.

But it is based on Ethereum. As a result, you can only interact with Ethereum apps.

However, connecting to Ethereum applications is a rather easy process. You have to log in with your Facebook account.

No. 6 Coinbase Wallet

Finally, one of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges out there is Coinbase.

They offer a fantastic bitcoin wallet in addition to being a cryptocurrency exchange.

By using a Coinbase wallet, you may keep your cryptocurrencies and NFT in the same place. Additionally, it supports over 4000 assets and connects you to a number of dApps.

The wallet also makes it possible to connect to other DeFi apps. so that you can gather more NFTs, earn more yield, and other things.

By using the wallets’ DeFi liquidity pools, you can lend or borrow cryptocurrency. You can even trade assets or join the DAO to have an impact on key web3 activities.

It’s advantageous that desktop computers and mobile devices can both access Coinbase Wallet.

There is a particular app for cellphones, but if you want to use it on your laptop, you must install a Chrome extension.


The third-generation web is made simpler to use with Web3 wallets.

They have an open, safe, and user-friendly interface and can manage several assets. Defi wallets have improved accessibility for Defi users.

The foundation of an open-source system, which is still being developed, is Web3 wallets.

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