How To Increase the Domain Authority Of Your Blog

Are you struggling to increase your blog Domain Authority? If yes, then this post is for you. In this post, I am going to show you how to increase the domain authority of your blog.

Domain Authority (DA) is a third-party metric developed by MOZ. It merely shows you how your website will perform in search engines. However, Domain authority does not reflect your search engine rankings in actuality. It is just estimated data based on some algorithms developed by MOZ.

What Is Domain Authority

As I said, Domain authority is a metric developed by MOZ to analyze a site that how well it performs in search engine rankings. This is solely based on your domain link profile.

Domain Authority Score from 0 to 100. Gaining a score of 20 DA is easy if you do it effectively. However, increasing it further can be a tough job.

Domain authority does not reflect your actual ranking in search engines. It just shows roughly estimated data that how your domain ranks in search engines.

How To Increase The Domain Authority Of Your Blog In Easy Steps

You can easily increase your Domain authority by implementing some simple steps. The below-mentioned points help you to increase your domain authority score.

1. Write Quality Post Daily

Content plays a great role in increasing user engagement. People and even search engines love quality content. Keep Publishing quality content on your blog helps to boost your domain authority.

Keep up the consistency of your blog posts. Writing Quality Posts is very important. Regularly adding content to your blog is very helpful to increase the DA of your blog.

You will notice that the blogs that are regularly adding or updating their content have drastically improved their DA.

2. Interlink Your Content

Interlinking is a good on-page SEO practice. Make a habit of interlinking your posts and content. This is not only helping readers to find our more relevant content on your blog but also helping search engines to crawl your blog easily.

When you interlink your posts make sure you choose appropriate keywords to interlink your posts.

Avoid aggressively doing Interlinking. It may negatively impact your Blog SEO. Interlinking also helps to increase your blog’s DA.

3. Improve Your Social Signal

Social Media sites play a great role in user engagement and building your presence online. Every business now focuses on social media platforms.

Sharing your blog posts can definitely help you to improve user engagement. Social signal is very important to improve your domain authority.

You can also create Facebook pages for your blog or website and regularly share content on Facebook pages and other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Create Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very important to rank your blog on search engines. You need to create quality backlinks. Domain authority is solely dependent on your blog backlink profile.

Creating backlinks from high-authority websites helps you to increase the domain authority of your blog.

You can use guest posting, blog commenting, etc. to create some quality backlinks for your blog.

5. Improve your Blog Page speed

Nobody likes a slow website and neither the search engines. There are several factors that can slow down your website’s loading speed. Some of them are:

  • Poor hosting
  • Bloated plugins
  • Not using cache plugins
  • Excessive ads on your website

To improve your website loading speed, you need to host your website on good and reliable hosting. I recommend you use Inmotionhosting. They are providing excellent web hosting and also good page loading speed.

You can also use CDN like Cloudflare to speed up your blog. Fast page loading speed also boosts your website domain authority score.

6. Remove Spammy links

Do not use spam links or techniques to increase the domain authority. Sometimes it gives you instant results but it won’t work in a long run.

Keep a close eye on your backlinks and if you found any spam links try to remove them or disavow them.

Keep your backlink profile clean and always make links from trusted and genuine websites.

7. Keep Patience

Domain authority cannot increase overnight. You need to implement the above techniques. The age of your domain also plays an important role in improving your website domain authority.

You need to constantly work on the above points and you will see that the domain authority of your blog grows gradually.  

Does A Low Domain Authority Harm My Blog?

No, not at all. If your blog DA is low then it doesn’t mean that your website is useless and cannot rank in search engines.  However, if your website is 2+ years old and still your DA is low then you should check your backlinks and also check the quality of your content.

A Low DA does not mean your website is worthless. A constant effort can improve your domain authority and it grows eventually.

DA cannot determine your search rankings and even Google cannot consider DA as a ranking factor.

Can My Blog DA go Down?

Yes, Sometimes your links may be removed by the website where you have inserted them or the site may get deleted or suspended. It is a loss in your backlink Profile. So, yes, in that case, you may see a drop in your blog DA.

Not updating & adding content can also make your blog ideal. It may negatively harm your DA. So, Always try to build good and quality backlinks to sustain your blog DA.


These are some of the easy and practical tips to increase the domain authority of your blog. But as I have said that it cannot increase overnight. You need to keep patience and continuously work on the above points.

You will definitely see a hike in your blog DA.

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