Jetpack Is it Slow Down your Blog? Myth and Reality

Are you using Jetpack on your Blog? If yes, then this post is for you. In this post, I am going to clarify everything about Jetpack Is it slowing down your Blog? Or it is just a Myth?

There has been a lot of discussion around the web that Jetpack is slowing down your blog. Many people complained that Jetpack slowed down their blog. However, a majority of bloggers are still using it.

In this post, I am going to tell you everything about Jetpack and How it impacts your blog. I hope it will help you understand everything about it.

What Is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a complete plugin that consists of many WordPress-related features. The plugin has been developed by Automattic. Jetpack is a power-packed plugin that comes with features like security, speed, performance, and growth tools that help you to grow your blog.

Jetpack is it slow down your blog

Since it is a standalone plugin that has many WordPress features can definitely help you to reduce plugin usage.

The Modules available with Jetpack are:

  • CDN (for images to load faster)
  • WordPress comments
  • Extra Sidebar Widgets
  • Social Icons
  • Related Posts
  • Contact Form
  • Email Subscribers
  • Gravatar hovercards
  • Brute force protection
  • Enhanced Distribution

There are many other features available with Jetpack which simply cut down the needs of plugins. You can use Jetpack for many purposes.

Note:- Jetpack comes with both free and paid subscriptions. You can start with Free. However, If you need more features, you can try out their premium plans also.

How to Install and Activate Jetpack Plugin

You can use Jetpack in just simple steps. All you need is to download the Jetpack from WordPress Plugin directly

You can also install it from your WordPress admin area. Login to your WordPress admin. In the plugin menu on the left side of your control panel. In the search bar type “Jetpack” install and activate it.

When You activate the plugin, You need to connect your Jetpack with your account. It will sync all the jetpack features. After the connection with your WordPress, your jetpack account will look like this:

jetpack account area

You can now activate the features as per your needs. As I said some features or options are limited to premium users. To activate them, you need to buy a premium membership.

Is Jetpack Slow Down Your Blog?

This is a big debate. I personally think that it does not impact your blog loading speed unless you are using fewer modules of it. If you are using poor and cheap quality web hosting then Jetpack is not for you.

Since Jetpack consists of many features, it certainly consumes the memory of your hosting. So, If you are using all of the Jetpack modules, you need good and reliable web hosting.

There are many awesome features you will get in Jetpack and that’s the reason I like it most. Some of them are email subscription, Enhanced distribution, brute force protection, etc.

If you are using a limited module of Jetpack then I am sure that it won’t slow down your blog. This is a big myth about Jetpack that they are slowing down your blog. Which is not until you activate its all modules.

To access the available modules of Jetpack, log in to your WordPress admin area. Hover to Jetpack at the left side menu and click “settings” Scroll down the page and click the module option.

Jetpack available modules

Here you will find all available modules and you can activate and deactivate them as per your needs.

Before using Jetpack make sure that it fulfills your requirements and also make sure that your hosting is of good quality. The result varies from user to user. I am personally using Jetpack on my blog and really liked it. Even some pro bloggers like Harsh Agarwal also use Jetpack on his blog

Over To You

After reading this post, you have understood everything about Jetpack and are also able to know that Jetpack is not slowing down your blog. All you need is to use it wisely and you will really love it.

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