How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog?

WordPress is a popular and widely used CMS to Start a Blog. However, you need to speed up your WordPress Blog. In this post, I am going to tell you how to speed up your WordPress Blog.

WordPress is indeed an SEO-friendly CMS and has many features to scale up your blogging journey. Nobody likes a blog that loads very slowly. Even search engines also like blog that loads very fast and have a good user experience.

How to speed up your WordPress Blog

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog In Easy Steps

There are plenty of reasons behind a slow-loading WordPress Blog. You need to improve your blog loading speed for good user engagement and boost conversions. Let’s check them out in detail.

1. Good Web Hosting

The basic part of speeding up a WordPress blog is to choose fast and reliable web hosting. Many newbie bloggers get trapped by cheap web hosting providers. As result, they provide you with poor-quality servers that slow down your blog.

You need to choose a reliable web hosting provider that offers quality hosting services along with excellent page loading speed. The web hosting companies I prefer are:

These are some of the best and most reliable web hosting providers that boost your WordPress speed. Fast Web hosting is very necessary that will improve your loading speed.

2. Avoid Using Nulled Theme and Plugins

Many of us are trying to use nulled themes and plugins. Which is very risky and may slow down your WordPress Blog.

Nulled themes and plugins contain viruses and malware that negatively impact your WordPress loading speed. It’s better to use premium themes like Generatepress, ThemeForest, etc.

I always recommend newbie bloggers avoid nulled themes and plugins that will slow down their blog.

3. Use Cache Plugin

The cache plugin will drastically help you to speed up your WordPress Blog. It will cache your blog’s files and CSS which will improve the loading speed of your WordPress blog in users’ browsers.

There are many cache plugins out there. All you need is to choose any of them and work. I personally recommend plugins like WP Fastest cache. It is the best cache plugin that will speed up your WordPress Blog.

4. Remove unwanted Plugins

I have seen that many bloggers are using plenty of plugins on their blogs. The usage of many unwanted plugins can slow down your blog. When you use too many plugins, it consumes more computing power on your server. As result, it will slow down your WordPress blog.

So, Only try to use the plugins which are necessary. All you need is to uninstall the unwanted plugins from your blog to speed up your WordPress blog.

5. Don’t plaster Ads on your Blog

Plastering your blog with tons of ads can negatively impact your blog’s loading speed. A limited amount of ads not only boosts your blog loading speed whilst also provides a good user experience.

Many bloggers flooded their blogs with plenty of ads that are of javascript and your website loads very slowly. You need to avoid it.

A Clutter-free design of your blog will definitely boost user engagement. People love clutter-free blogs as many users hate too many ads.

6. Use A CDN

CDN stands for (Content Delivery Network). It usually caches your Blog content and stores them on different servers across the globe. When users visit your blog they serve your site from the nearest location of your visitor. So, your blog will load very fast.

Cloudflare is a Free CDN service provider. It has many decent and useful features to speed up your WordPress blog. They have both free and paid plans. The features will vary from plan to plan but both free and paid plans have unlimited traffic.

7. Optimize your images

You need to optimize your blog images to boost your WordPress speed. You can use plugins like WPsmush to optimize all the images that you use on your blog.

You also need to activate the lazy load of your images. If you are using the latest version of WordPress then the lazy load is working as a core feature.

However, you need to activate the image optimization plugin to optimize each image that you upload to your WordPress blog.


These are some of the basic and easy steps to speed up your WordPress blog. You need to work on these above points and you will see improvement in your blog speed. I am sure that this post has helped you to speed up your WordPress blog. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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