8 Proven Tips To Grow Your Blog

Many congrats on creating your very first blog. It makes you very happy when you create your new blog. However, starting a blog is not enough; you need to grow your blog. In this post, I am going to show you 8 proven tips to grow your blog.

In our previous post, I shared some tips to start a blog. If you haven’t started your own blog then create a now.

8 proven tips to gow a blog

Here are The 8 proven Tips to Grow your Blog

Starting a Blog is not rocket science. You can start your own blog in less than 10 minutes. The most challenging part is to grow your blog. There are many things that need to consider and start working on it to grow your blog.

1. Use Premium WordPress themes

There are a plethora of free themes available on WordPress theme respiratory. You can use any of them. But wait a minute! Did you know that free themes can be vulnerable to your WordPress Blog? Yes, you heard it right.  Many free themes are poorly designed and coded. It will create many loopholes including a security breach for your Blog. Hackers can use these loopholes to hack your blog.

Even Free themes do not have regular security updates. That’s the reason  I always recommend bloggers to use premium themes. There are many premium WordPress theme providers available online. The popular are GeneratePress, Themeforest, Genesis, etc.

A premium theme comes with regular security updates and support. It also helps you to create a professional-looking blog.  Users love to visit blogs that look great and are easy to navigate.

2. Create Quality Content.

Content is King and it is the backbone of your blog. A Blog can only be popular and read by the users if it has good and quality content. Without having quality content, you cannot grow a blog. There are plenty of ways you can create awesome and quality content. For example, you can research the topics which you want to write about on your blog.

Here sites like Quora give you a good clue about the trending questions that people ask for or looking for a solution to.

Creating Quality content like detailed reviews, tutorials, or how-to guides that help your readers. In this way, you create your authority online and people start following and accepting your recommendation.

To make your content more user-friendly you can use short paragraphs and use bullet points to highlight your points. Using H1, H2, and H3, and header tags can also improve your blog posts. Jeff Bullas shares great tips on how to create quality content.

3. Speed up your blog

Many bloggers ignore this. They don’t look at their blog page speed. This is the reality that in this fastest world people love to visit a site that loads faster on their browsers.  Google also loves a site that loads in less than 3 seconds. Page speed is also considered one of the ranking factors.

To speed up your blog, you need faster web hosting. I recommend Inmotionhosting for this. I personally use them for my blogs and never see any downtime yet. Loading speed is also great.

Using fewer amounts of plugins and using CDN services like Cloudflare help you to boost your website loading speed. You can also use cache plugins to optimize WP Fastest cache to speed up your blog and increase the loading speed.

4. Create high-quality Backlinks

Backlinks are a very important part to grow your blog and driving search traffic to your blog. Many newbie bloggers are wondering about how to create backlinks for their blogs. There are plenty of ways you can create backlinks for your blog.  Some of them are as follows:

  • Guest posting: – Guest Posting is one of the best and most genuine ways to create quality backlinks for your blog. Make sure you submit only quality guest posts. Otherwise, your posts will be rejected by the bloggers.  Here, you also have to look at a few things like submitting a guest post on the relevant blogs. For example, if you are working on a tech niche then you have to submit guest posts on tech blogs to get the link juice.
  • Blog Commenting:- Blog commenting is a great way to get backlinks. However, most of the blog links in the comments are no-follow but it is worth creating them. It does not only help you to build backlinks but also helps you to connect with the bloggers. Make sure your comments are genuine and relevant to the blog topics.

You can check our detailed guide on how to create quality backlinks for your blog. Creating 1 quality backlink is far better than creating 100 spam and low-quality links.

5. Focus on Social Media

Today, Social media becomes a part of everybody’s life. You cannot think of a single day without interacting on social media sites. Having millions of audiences reach social media plays a great in building and promoting your brand.  Today, every business has its social media pages where they interact with their audience. It’s a great way of communication.

If you haven’t started using social media then you must start working on it. Create your social media pages for your blog. Share your blog posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This will boost your social presence.

6. Networking

Blogging Universe is Big. There are millions of blogs out there. Interacting and networking with bloggers can help you to boost your blog. You can also learn something from these fellow bloggers.  In my early days of blogging, I do shy about interacting with other bloggers. But you know to become a successful blogger, you have to network with fellow bloggers.

To network with bloggers, just share their posts on your social networks, drop comments on their blogs, featuring them on your blog. This will draw their attention to you.

In return, they will also promote you generously and featured you on my blog.

7. Create Email lists

Email Lists are integral and the most important part to grow your blog. You simply cannot lose your valuable readers. So, capturing their emails is the best way to connect with them. You can use ConstantContact to create email lists for your blog. Their services are great and you can create and send emails to unlimited contacts.

To capture the emails, I highly recommend you use OptinMonster. They are providing professionally-looking email opt-in forms and landing pages to capture leads on your blog.

So, If you haven’t created an email list then start collecting now.

8. Reinvest on your Blog

Consider blogging as a Business. Whenever you are able to make a small amount of money from your blog. I highly recommend newbie bloggers reinvest their first earning amount on your blog to grow it.

For example, you have made your first $100 through your blog. Just reinvest it on your blog. You can buy premium themes or plugins to further improve your blog. You can also hire content writers or use paid advertising options like Facebook Ads, etc. to promote your blog.

Think Like a Businessman and consider your blog as your online business and the amount you earn in the initial period of blogging should be reinvested in your blog to grow it.

Over to you

These are the 8 proven tips to grow a blog. You need to constantly work on these tips to grow your blog. Consistency is the key to becoming a successful blogger and make build the authority of your blog.

 I hope you have enjoyed the post. If you liked the content then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Have questions? Ask them in the comments below. I will try my best to answer them.

2 thoughts on “8 Proven Tips To Grow Your Blog”

  1. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Growing a new blog can be challenging, especially for new bloggers without experience. But with the proper approach, it’s doable, and your tips are great pointers. However, I also want to add that “developing a stable content editorial calendar is a fantastic way to increase growth.
    The strength and character of your blog is a stable editorial calendar. Why? Because your editorial calendar is your roadmap or framework to creating entertaining blog content that engages your target readers.
    A content writing editorial calendar gives you a platform to produce quality blogs that speak to your ideal readers consistently. It is essential, particularly since Google BERT can understand the intent behind a search query.
    So, with a calendar, one can brainstorm keyword intent and save them for use to create top blog posts that rank on search results. But you noticed that it is challenging to develop top-notch blogs consistently to keep your readers coming back.
    There are times when you will struggle to come up with topic ideas for new content. But with a list of topics and search terms in your editorial calendar, you will have enough content ideas to sustain you for the longest.


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